Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some "Predatory Towing Justice" In Riverside County, California photo

According to allegations reported by in this article, (click here) Desert Automotive Specialists were raided for an investigation that grew out of "several illegal tows" at One Quail Place Apartments in Palm Desert...

I've reported on this ship of fools called Desert Automotive Specialists in the past, click here for an example, but they just keep getting themselves in deeper. This is the same outfit accused of painting curbs red to justify illegal tows, an action that inspired me to write parody lyrics to the song "Paint It Black" by the Rolling Stones, click here for that blog post.

After reading the latest story, I have to are these folks still in business. Why doesn't Riverside County somehow regulate towing better and then YANK THE LICENSE OF THESE PREDATORY CLOWNS?

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