Sunday, November 16, 2008

New York State Is Still Celebrating Its New Predatory Towing Law Photo

About a month ago, I wrote about a new law in New York that will ban "fee splitting" and other unethical practices. Media in New York State seem to be waking up to the reality of the new law, and... is an example of an article, click here, which can be described as "celebratory" of the law. One cool aspect of the article is the fact it recognizes the Oyster Bay Town Clerk who had the seminal idea for the law.

In the article, one state legislator actually used the phrase "held hostage by predatory towers" and he also said some companies have been involved in "luring" drivers to park in "forbidden" areas with inadequate NO PARKING signs. Under the new law the State Attorney General has the power to STOP BUSINESSES FROM PERFORMING SUCH PRACTICES and SEEK CIVIL DAMAGES.

More than a month later, it seems like New York State is still "dancing in the streets" over its victory. Good job, New York State.

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Me said...

I don't really understand how the new law protects anyone. At least there may be a few more signs now.

Is there a time limit or can they tow your car immediately if you leave their property? Can they still charge you any rate they want to release your car? Upwars of $150. Can they still require cash and not give a receipt?

The kickback stuff happens behind the scenes in cash. This doesn't seam like it's going to stop anything.