Friday, November 28, 2008

Student Newspaper Exposes Predatory Towing Problems In Maryland Photo

"The Diamondback" is a student newspaper, but still provided a high-quality article on predatory towing last month, click here, which revealed up to 60 percent of Maryland's towing companies might be considered "rogue towers."

In Maryland, most laws about towing are...

...left up to county governments, according to reporter Brady Holt, and this appears to be creating a regulatory hole which allows aggressive "snatch-and-grabbers" who "call themselves towing companies simply because they own a tow truck." Even the president of "Towing and Recovery Professionals of Maryland" sees a problem.

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Anonymous said...

Exposes? While that verb might apply to the masturbator in the story displayed by the newspaper pictured on your site for this post, I hardly think it applies to the towing story. The student newspaper didn't expose anything. They did a low-level reporting job on a local meeting. They did not even tie it in with local towing stories or issues.