Thursday, November 13, 2008

Towing Companies Are Truly "Cleaning Up" In Boston Photo

An opinion columnist at the esteemed Boston Globe was RIGHT ON with a commentary about towing companies "cleaning up" during street sweeping and...

...lording over improperly parked cars like these towing companies are acting on behalf of Homeland Security, or something. Here is the column, click here.

Yes, it's more than a year old. But guess what? These problems haven't changed in all that time, and no new solutions have been applied.

Why can't cities notify vehicle owners of an impending tow by phone and email? What's up with this crude, archaic system of hanging paper on doorknobs? Local governments can do better. Well, apparently Boston barely even does THAT much, (hanging notices on doorknobs) and Boston citizens are paying a heavy price.

Meanwhile, shills for the towing companies submit online comments about, oh gee, citizens who don't move their car for several days deserve whatever they get, and these shills rip into a fine opinion piece by a columnist who obviously cares about her city.

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