Saturday, November 15, 2008

North Minneapolis Tow Truck Driver Assaulted. Yes, Again.

Or Not. Photo

This happens every so often in North Minneapolis, and I blogged about it before, click here. But it has happened yet again...

Word comes to me, as it usually does, through the "Fourth Precinct Highlights" which go out weekly by email, and cover notable criminal incidents in North Minneapolis. (Other parts of Minneapolis have their "Precinct Highlights," too, but are they as cool as North Minneapolis? I doubt it)

So here is what went down a couple weeks ago, according to the police:

ROBBERY 34TH & PENN TUESDAY 2010 HOURS 08-333418 Tow truck driver robbed by three 19-22 year old Males when he arrived to pickup a tow. One suspect put a gun to his head and made him lay on the ground, another had a second gun and suspects went through his pockets taking his phone and keys.

I should say it's very interesting they took the tow truck driver's PHONE and KEYS but not a WALLET or any MONEY. It's almost like the three males wanted to stop the tow, and they wanted to get away without the police being called, but robbery was NOT the motive. Furthermore, did they beat the living daylights out of him? There is no indication this tow truck driver had a FINGER laid on him.

I do not approve of criminal actions. But if you push people too far, for too long, and try to snatch their precious possessions away from them on some stupid technicality...some people will rise up and fight back. YET ANOTHER EXAMPLE of why it would be good to have a system which notifies citizens by cellphone and email, simultaneously, of an impending tow so they can "move it or lose it."


Anonymous said...

Very few tow truck drivers, cabbies, pizzamen, etc. carry wallets because we get robbed so often.

Johnny T. Utopia said...

Yes, that explains why so often it is necessary for tow truck drivers to put "drop fees" directly in their front pocket.

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