Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Towing Company Employees Looted Fatal Crash Site

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According to a recent news report by KDKA in Pennsylvania, tow truck drivers looted numerous high-quality pocket knives at the...

...site of a fatal truck crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. They gave some of the pocket knives to firemen as "souvenirs." The firemen later returned the pocket knives.

This, in my mind, differs greatly from the "lobster salvage incident" I blogged about in another post, click here. In fact, you might even call it "robbing the dead."

But, hey...it's rough-and-tumble, dangerously unregulated industry. You see it all the time. What's surprising is not when it happens, but when it actually makes the news. I'm guessing this was mostly because it was such a large, valuable cargo of pocket knives plus it was the site of a fatal wreck. Otherwise, one is not likely to hear about minor acts of looting by tow truck drivers, which are pretty much a daily or even hourly occurrence.

And, then again, you have drivers that are honest and heroic.

Or sometimes even both!

With this unsavory incident, the State of Pennsylvania just hit my "towing utopia national map."

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