Sunday, November 16, 2008

A "Barking Dog" Foreshadowed The Fall Of Lone Star Auto Services Photo

Long before the City of Dallas yanked their towing license, (which is being appealed on December 4) way before the Texas State Attorney General launched an investigation of their unseemly business practices, it was possible to see trouble was a-brewin' with Lone Star Auto Services...

Here is an example from RipOff Report Dot Com, click here, which detailed a dubious and expensive tow-jacking of an 18-wheeler from a truck stop.

On, a service rather like "Merchant Circle Dot Com," Lone Star racked up two negative reviews, click here. There was actually no review on Merchant Circle, so I took care of that PERSONALLY, click here. Lone Star racked up a "zero percent like it" on a "best of the web local" site. The only poster to add a comment (before I did, that is) urged anybody reading to simply Google the company to find out more about their various scandals.

But the "Barking Dogs" blog probably picked up the scent of Lone Star before anybody else, check out this "blogger investigation" of Lone Star apparently towing from a parking lot without authorization, click here. If anything was "the writing on the wall," it was probably that investigation by Barking Dogs.

There have been TWENTY-ONE ARTICLES about this situation, and I'm sure that number will increase as the investigation unfolds. But who had their teeth in it first? The bloggers. The blogosphere. THE BARKING DOGS OF THE BLOGOSPHERE, BABY.

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