Friday, November 28, 2008

Details On The Illinois "Truth In Towing" Law Photo

The Illinois "Truth In Towing" law has been a reality for a few months, and seems to be working with only a few minor snags. The intention of the law was to stop corruption, including police taking bribes and tow truck operators shaking down drivers for huge fees after towing away wrecks at accident scenes...

I do try to make my blog as much of a "one stop shop" for predatory towing issues as possible, and that's one reason I want to link to this article, click here. It contains a PDF file of the entire law, which "policy wonks" might find useful as they scrutinize their own towing laws with the intention of reform.

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Mr. C said...

Just wanted to say that this Law is going to be revise as the towing industry's injunction and Law Suit to battle this predatory Law in Illinois was Won. Now members of the towing industry are working to help make the law better and go after the bad apple not everyone in the industry!

Mr. C