Friday, December 26, 2008

Now Predatory Towing Has Brought The Wrath Of The Church Photo, Cathedral City, California

An interesting new pattern has emerged in Cathedral City, California, in the growing movement against predatory towing: a church has become involved on behalf of its parishioners, who have been repeatedly victimized. The church is St. Louis Catholic Church, which has many Latino members.


I've written about how good-old fashioned community organizing by residents of an apartment complex caused an actual uprising against predatory towing, click here. However, the recent article in, click here, shows activism over this issue may take many forms, and the involvement of religious figures is one such possibility. In Cathedral City, springing a car from the impound lot can cost a whopping $1,500...traffic ticket NOT included.

Who allowed this madness? It's almost besides the point to ask my usual geeky question: do they have real time internet tracking of vehicles and charges?

I'm glad to document this involvement by a church, because if a congregation somewhere else is contemplating getting involved in the issue of predatory towing, this story shows church involvement is not without precedent. St. Louis Catholic Church in Cathedral City, California, was the first to step forward.

Well, the first I know about.

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