Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Victim's Eye View Of The Scary Impound Lot In Kansas City, Kansas Photos

While searching for an image to illustrate the previous blog post, click here, I stumbled upon some images of the impound lot in Kansas City, KANSAS which some unfortunate citizen snapped while retrieving a car towed for expired plates. (Which were only expired because of a "paperwork mix-up")

As is so often the case...

...a trip to the impound lot is a bleak, scary journey into automotive Purgatory. You really have to wonder if there are laws requiring impound lots to be located in vast fields of mud, or to have dirty, neglected piles of automotive debris, or to bear a scary resemblance to a political "re-education camp."

Thanks to this photo contributor for helping me add the State of Kansas to the Towing Utopia Dot Com national map.

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