Saturday, December 13, 2008

Citizens Use Internet To Get Even With Retriever Towing, Portland, Oregon Photo, Portland, OR

I've mentioned the tactic before in previous blog posts, including this one about the situation with Lone Star Towing in Texas, click here. When a company is engaged in predatory towing, upset citizens can just go to sites like "Merchant Circle" and pour in negative reviews, plus...

...they can publish useful information about whatever controversy is causing citizens to become so upset in the first place. This kind of information enlightens others, instead of just being a worthless spleen venting and outpouring of expletives, without explanation about WHY people are so mad at the company in question.

Right now, Retriever Towing of Portland, Oregon is on the receiving end of such an outpouring of enlightened consumer fury. Check out the reviews posted at City Search, click here.

One poster is actually suggesting boycotting businesses who use Retriever Towing. As of today only one person had posted a review to "Merchant Circle," but now the total is, shall we say, up to two, click here.

Also, there are seven reports about Retriever Towing at Rip Off Report Dot Com, but I'm hoping the total will soon be eight; since I submitted one.

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