Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dark and Dingy Garages, Warning Signs On Wheels, And No You DO NOT Get A Receipt, Lady...All In Kansas City, Mo. Photo, Kansas City, Mo.

As I reported a couple weeks ago, click here, Kansas City, Mo. is in the process of revising its ordinances, trying to eliminate some of the rampant abuses by towing companies.

Like water long under pressure erupting in a geyser, (or maybe a broken radiator hose would be a better example) citizens vented tales of victimization by towing companies on the prowl...

According to this article in the Kansas City Star, click here, many of the complaints center on inadequate signs in parking lots which were "broken, hung upside down, hidden in dark corners or non existent." One woman was denied a receipt after retrieving her car from a "dark and dingy" garage.

A man named Jonathan De Haven lost his job after losing his car, and noted the warning sign mysteriously appeared after he doubt aided by the fact it was on wheels.

Readers should take note of the statement in the "manifest" of this blog, about the intimate connection between one's car and one's life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

I'm glad to say I contacted the office of Kansas City Councilperson Circo to make sure she knew about this blog, where many examples have been gathered of cities trying to reform their ordinances. The article in the Kansas City Star lists the reforms Circo has proposed, and these are all good reforms, but individuals who posted in the comments section of the article (part of the "sub-blogosphere") are emphatic that Kansas City doesn't actually ENFORCE its laws about towing.

For example, "chasing tows" is illegal, and yet (according to some posters) there is ample evidence tow trucks are running to accident scenes by monitoring police radio channels, often arriving even before squad cars.

Notably, the Kansas City Star has reportedly been swamped with calls complaining about predatory towing, as one of its higher-ups mentioned in passing. (Click here)

Once this ordinances is passed (and I think it will be) a good story for the Kansas City Star might be trying to see if the rules are actually being enforced.

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