Friday, December 26, 2008

City Of Spokane Pours On The Predatory Towing Oppression In Browne's Addition Photo, Spokane

Apparently it happens every year. Snow falls and the City of Spokane demands "move your vehicle!" The residents of an area called Browne's Addition ask...

"Where? Where am I supposed to move it?" And the city tows, like, FIFTY VEHICLES as though the politicians, in their infinite wisdom, are being REASONABLE.

And with KXLY writing stories like this, click here, about a "necessary evil," an uprising like that seen in other states (click here) does not seem likely any time soon.

The real story is told in a single comment posted to the KXLY story:

* "I had no place to move my car, and (I) am an older single parent, with only my Down Syndrome son at home! It took me days to dig out my car and then I couldn't get out because the street had not been plowed."

I have to wonder what is up with the political situation in Spokane. Do the residents of Browne's Addition lack representation and political power to such a degree they are forced to take this, year after year?

On another note: this is my first post for the State of Washington. This tells you something about Washington State: usually, they manage to treat their citizens pretty well. But Spokane is apparently an exception.

Well, even then, not all of Spokane...just the hard-luck, downtrodden souls in Browne's Addition.


Bryan said...

I am so upset by what is going on here. Snow fell on Wednesday, 12/17. I left my car on the undrivable street in Browne's Addition from then till I left on 12/20 back to Denver to visit family. On 12/24, the City finally decided to plow my street and tow my car since I wasn't here to move it. I got back here last night, 12/27. Now it's Sunday and the Police Department doesn't provide information on the I'll have to skip the first half of work on Monday to locate the car and see just how far over they're going to bend me. This is the kind of b.s. that drives a normal person like me to do something stupid in retaliation for being taken advantage of.

Johnny T. Utopia said...

Send me some photos and give me more details when you find out. My email is