Saturday, December 27, 2008

"Spokanistan" Continues To Pour On The Predatory Towing Oppression Photo

Apparently, some residents of Spokane refer to the city as "Spokanistan." And it's no wonder. In addition to the year-after-year mass towings in Browne's Addition, click here, television station KXLY has written two more stories about what appears to be rampant predatory towing in "Spokanistan."

The first...

...of the stories is about the cost of towing, which is $500, click here for link. How does Spokane allow towing companies to charge this much money? Well...they do. They just do. Because, apparently, that's "Spokanistan" for you.

The second story is truly heartrending, click here. A woman didn't want to get towed in the street during snow removal, so she parked in the alley. The police thought she was blocking garbage collection even though--oh, gee--garbage collection was delayed due to the snowstorm, so really she wasn't. But she was towed anyway. And now she has a bill for $944, more than she can afford.

The towing company--Evergreen Towing--offered to knock off half the free, but the lady says she still can't afford to get her car back.

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