Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Old Fashioned Grassroots Activism Led To "Abusive Towing Uprising" (Post Number Two)

The Abbey Court Abusive Towing Uprising
Anonymous Photographer

This image shows the child who was put into a vehicle at Abbey Court, in Carrboro, North Carolina, to keep the vehicle from getting towed.

Desperate people do desperate things. The child was unharmed. It is the predatory and abusive towing which led to this worrisome incident and yet more incidents which continue to be documented by local media as well as the tenant website...

* Check out the "owner Ken Lucas" section of the website, including his jowly mug shot and a bird-eye view of his multi-million dollar mansion. Was there ever such a perfect landlord villain?

* A man was injured in a booting incident according to this local blog. He sounds lucky to be alive.

* The same day, police went to speak to Abbey Court management about a car getting towed over a cracked windshield. According to the same local blog, management couldn't give an explanation about why there wasn't adequate documentation of the vehicle's condition.

Since the police answer to the Mayor, and the Mayor is opposing Abbey Court on their rampant towing, the apartment managers find themselves in the odd position of being treated like suspects. Usually when it comes to management versus tenants, cops take the side of the property owners. (At least in my experience managing rental property)

Not this time, however.

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