Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Old Fashioned Grassroots Activism Led To "Abusive Towing Uprising" (Post Number One)

The Abbey Court Abusive Towing Uprising,
Anonymous Photographer

The uprising in Carrboro, North Carolina against towing abuses at Abbey Court didn't just spring up spontaneously. It turns out there has been a long campaign to organize the tenants, and fighting towing abuses is only part of the struggle...

Some of the organized tenants have their own website, click here for a link. I emailed one of the organizers, and he seemed pretty cool about sharing the photos on the site.

The photo in this post shows tenants gathered to fight abusive towing. It was this gathering which led to intervention by the mayor and a movement for reform.

It doesn't look very glamorous, does it. It looks gritty, hard, and a bit depressing...and yet there is hope, because people are organized and fighting back.

One suspects revolutions are only glamorous in the retelling.

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