Friday, August 29, 2008

FBI Seeks St. Louis Towing Information photo

Media in St. Louis recently carried a public service announcement (PSA) on behalf of the FBI, which I feel pretty comfortable reproducing verbatim...

...or, well, pretty close to verbatim. Adding a picture of former Police Chief Joe Mokwa was my own little touch.

According to the PSA, the FBI and the Internal Revenue Service (!!!) are seeking public assistance to identify people who had their vehicles towed or held by St. Louis Metropolitan Towing, S & H Parking, or Parks Auto Sales. (Of St. Louis)

IF YOUR VEHICLE WAS TOWED IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS, the FBI and the IRS would like you to log onto the St. Louis FBI Web site at to complete a brief survey under the heading "Towing Survey."

If you prefer, you may also call a tip line at 1-800-225-5324.

Here is my little comment: there are a number of ugly towing scandals all over the nation including. So why isn't the FBI and IRS getting into those scandals, as well? Is it only the possibility of police corruption which draws these much-needed federal resources to get to the bottom of an ugly towing scandal?

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