Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Victory To Crow About In The "Abusive Towing Uprising" At Abbey Court, Carrboro, North Carolina

Flickr.com photo, Steel Rooster In Carrboro, NC

Word comes that booting has ceased at Abbey Court due to the accident in which a guy ran over his foot. Unaware his car had been booted, he got out of his vehicle to figure out why his vehicle wasn't moving, when the car suddenly lurched backward...

According to this article, Abbey Court has stopped the booting. This can only be called a victory for the folks fighting abusive and predatory towing (among other abhorrent slumlord practices) in Carrboro, North Carolina.

I'm watching this one closely, documenting it, and hoping their conflict will serve as a model for future uprisings all over the country and, who knows, maybe even Canada!

The illustration is a photo of a local landmark in Carrboro, a steel rooster at a coffee shop called the "Open Eye." Apparently it is something of a local landmark, and urban legend has it the rooster crows for the Carrboro Day gala celebration. A steel rooster who crows to alert people in Carrboro is a good symbol for an uprising against abusive towing.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Somebody at Abbey Court was trying to swipe his car, and he just wasn't going to allow it.

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