Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Using A Tow Truck To Steal A Car In Provo, Utah photo, Provo, Utah

I know what you're thinking.

"Don't tow truck drivers 'steal' cars all the time?" I thought so, too...

...but apparently in Provo, Utah, the local media was determined to make a fine-tuned distinction. Check out this very short story by clicking here.

Really, what gets me excited about this story is the fact it just put Utah on the Towing Utopia map. I guess the coin-collector in me is coming out: I like to make a complete set, in this case a set of states where predatory and abusive towing practices have been documented. Thanks to George William Peahl, 45, Utah is now part of that set.

Good ol' George simply used the tow truck of "a towing company in Lindon" (sic) to steal a Volkswagon Vanagon. He took it to a scrapyard in American Fork and sold it for $200. The car's owner somehow found the car at the auto wrecking yard. (The story doesn't specify how, and that's the maddening part of the on earth did this car owner actually FIND their vehicle? Oh, also, WHICH towing company in Lindon? Why would the media fail to disclose this information?)

George admitted stealing the car when he was arrested, once again proving George is not very bright. Oh, and he was working for the (unnamed, anonymous) towing company while his license was REVOKED. Why am I not surprised?

Oh, some explanation of the photo above might be required. Well, I needed an image for Provo, Utah and I thought this one of double-wide trailers was sort of...artsy.

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