Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Surly, Suspicious, But Heroic Minneapolis Police Officers

Photo by John Hoff

I mentioned in my previous post how the officers who took the report about my vehicle being vandalized were "surly" and "suspicious," but I saw them later at another incident...

Here is a picture of that incident. According to a local television station, a couple of suspects were fleeing in a stolen car. Well, actually, I saw part of the chase as they whipped around the intersection of 30th Ave. N. and 6th St. N., heedless of pedestrians.

The car ended up in the front porch of a house, aflame. Nobody was in the house, but a cat is "missing and presumed dead." Both suspects were caught. Bystanders told me one of them was "a bloody mess" but tried to flee, anyway.

In the photo above, the officer who was taking my boring little vehicle vandalism report a short while earlier is interacting with the owner of the house, who arrived to witness--well, THIS!

It's no wonder they're surly.

But, yes, they could be LESS SO.

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