Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Death Of A Towing Dream In Ohio photo

Danny Birt of Gahanna, Ohio, dreamed of being a tow truck driver. So he did what a lot of folks do who have that precious childhood dream: Danny he got himself a tow truck, and started holding cars for ransom. The only problem was...

According to this article, click here, Birt "towed cars from private lots without the consent of the owners and impounded the vehicles until their owners paid him a fee."

Uh huh. Well, isn't that what tow truck drivers do EVERY DAY? Apparently, Danny Birt and his company, On-Demand Towing, got away with it about TWENTY TIMES before he got caught. And no, Danny wasn't an IMPOSTER. He was just...too enthusiastic.

So Birt will have to do a year's probation. The real punishment, I suppose, is the death of his dream.

OR IS IT? Now that Birt's been convicted of stealing cars, he may be a lot more qualified to get a real job in the business of predatory towing. Oh, wait...he already has one!

Mob Justice--Internet Style!

I made a point of submitting a review for On-Demand Towing at a merchant's site. If you are treated badly by a business--not just a towing business, but any business--use the power of the internet to air your grievance. Let me tell you, it was a good feeling to write the first review of On-Demand Towing, and let people know Danny Wirth is on probation.

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