Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"The Alliance" Is Defeated In Springfield, Mass.

Photo By John Hoff, Star Wars Trivial Pursuit

The situation with the "towing alliance" in Springfield, Massachusetts has finally come to a head, and it looks like a humiliating retreat toward the Ice Planet of Hoth or wherever an "alliance" in defeat goes...

Here's the article which discusses how the City of Springfield invoked its right to terminate with 30 days notice, no need to state a cause, though in fact there was documentation of something like 17 violations. I blogged about this twice before, click here and also here.

Usually, the Springfield blog known as "The Intruder" weighs in on these issues involving the "towing alliance" after the mainstream media in Springfield break the story. I'm guessing the pattern will continue, and in a few days or a week The Intruder will have an obsessive level of detail for those of us who require it.

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