Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Predatory Towing King Of Frederick, Maryland Cries "Police Harassment" Photo, Frederick, Maryland

The police in Frederick, Maryland sound like they're doing a great job, making a vigorous effort to keep Clint "Predatory Towing King" Hoffman from running rampant. So what does the Predatory Towing King do...

According to this article, he cries "police harassment" and tries to catch incidents on videotape of his "victimization." Despite being more hated in Frederick, Maryland than people who don't scoop pitbull poop, Clint is running for MAYOR.


I guess this must be a town where the position of dogcatcher isn't up for election.

If Clint Hoffman were running for Mayor, and a ham sandwich were running against him as a write-in candidate, I'm sure the ham sandwich would win, by a landslide. But on a positive note, whine-baby Clint Hoffman just caused me to write my very first Maryland entry, and put that state on the "Towing Utopia" road map.

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Karen said...

CLint HOffman is pure evil