Saturday, October 18, 2008

Texas State Fair Creates Opportunity For Abusive Towing

According to this article, city officials in Dallas are investigating allegations that citizens were overcharged after their cars were snatched from spots near the Texas State Fair, whose symbol is "Big Tex," above. The drivers thought...

...they were parking in legal spots, but got towed by Lone Star Auto Services whose representative, Anna Casey, says the company "did nothing wrong" even though, gee, they charged $200 and there are limits to what can be charged.

Hint, hint: It ain't $200.

"Cyber Activists" Rip Into Lone Star Auto Services

Some "cyber activists" have already submitted scathing reviews about Lone Star Auto Services on the internet, submitting some interesting details and allegations. And, I hasten to add, these are ALLEGATIONS. But according to Darryle Smitth (sic) it was Lone Star ITSELF which offered the paid parking lots to fair goers "near the Cotton Bowl." After the lots were full and people were gone to the fair, Lone Star posted "no parking signs," towed the cars, and charged $200 for folks to get the cars back.

Boycott Suggested Of Flying J In Dallas

Another poster, t3ucking (sic) said trucks were unfairly towed by Lone Star from the Flying J truck stop in Dallas, including a tow which cost $1253 for 14 miles. The poster urges the public not to patronize the Flying J truck stop in Dallas because the business is ultimately responsible for calling in predatory towing companies.

I will say this: the last time I was at a Flying J, while doing some commercial driving--and I do--I was treated badly. They told me I could cash one of my employer's checks, then changed their mind, which caused me to have to void the check when I was critically low on company checks as well as--oh, gee--diesel.

I may still patronize a Flying J in the future, if I must, but if I have a choice in the matter I will honor the spontaneous internet boycott and not choose Flying J, out of solidarity with the people (allegedly) victimized by Lone Star Auto Services.

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