Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fighting Predatory Towing Creates A Legal Mess In McHenry County, Illinois, McHenry County, Illinois

It started out as a good idea and, who knows, maybe it actually IS a good idea and the reporter is just talking to the wrong people. Who knows?

But one thing is for sure: there's some kind of legal mess in McHenry County Illinois, according to this article, (click here) and predatory towing in COOK County, Illinois is at the icky root of it.

According to...

...the article, some kind of legal "solution" in regard to predatory towing was "imposed" on Cook County, which continues to be one of the most politically interesting places in the country. Click here for a cool story on my OTHER blog about how the sheriff in that Cook County has been refusing to evict renters from foreclosed homes. Other counties, like McHenry, had the choice to "opt in" to the so-called "solution." And some, like McHenry County, did.

But after the counties opted in, they discovered the commission in charge to put it? The deal. Yeah, the commission in charge of THE DEAL was unexpectedly asserting authority over other kinds of towing--including some CONSENSUAL forms of towing. And McHenry County doesn't like that. Now McHenry County wants OUT.

Who do I blame? The commission for overreaching? McHenry County for being too picky? Cook County for creating the mess in the first place?

No. I blame the predatory towing companies who caused this mess in the first place, a mess which apparently led to a messy, not-entirely-satisfactory solution, which the counties are now bickering about.

Oh, the photo? Yeah, I found it on and it was taken in McHenry County, Illinois. Congrats, anonymous drunk wheelbarrow dude. You are now the face of McHenry County, Illinois.

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