Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Predatory Towing Reform May Happen In Rexburg, Idaho Photo, BYU Rexburg, Idaho

It only took a decade of complaints from victimized students, most of them from BYU-Idaho. What is the lesson in this? Well,...

If reform takes a decade, better start complaining RIGHT NOW.

According to this article, the proposed ordinance in Rexburg, Idaho aims to address towing concerns at a particular apartment complex, where tow trucks have ranged freely, snatching cars. Now, a representative from the apartment complex will have to be on-site, no more "patrol towing." And there will be an appeals board, too.

It sounds like a good model, especially for what sounds like a rather small town situation. I hope some sympathetic people get on the board. Indeed, students who were victimized should make a point of "packing the board," if at all possible.

This is my first post about Idaho, and it's a great way to put that state on the "Towing Utopia" road map!


D M Summers said...

This is a topic I am very familiar with. My name is Dennis Summers and I have worked on this issue for over a year. Last fall I had a son who was towed. After looking into this topic I discovered that many students and their family were being taken advantage of. The cost was so high, over $100 to $150 for a few minutes of dropping off a date or helping some one get their groceries home. In January 2008 we had a city council meeting with myself and many concerned people in attendance. I presented the city council with a binder of information of testimonials of unfair experiences and towing that occurred within minutes of parking and apartment contracts that were very hard to understand. I have had many meetings with BYU-I OFFICIALS, They have been very concerned and support our efforts to create an ordinance that is well defined and to educate students and family to how ruthless the apartments have been in enforcing the parking by permit only. Many Rexburg officials are also appalled by what they have heard and read about and they have worked to find a solution and this seems to be a very good compromise for all concerned. The new ordinance has many of the concerns of our group addressed remedied. I urge your support of this new law. You can call Rexburg City Hall and express your opinion. 208-359-3023 Thank you for your concern and efforts.

Johnny T. Utopia said...

Thanks so much for the valuable feedback. If you want to share more details and images about the struggle to pass that ordinance, send them to me at

Johnny T. Utopia said...

Oh, P.S.

Do you have a copy you could send, as an attachment, of the actual (proposed) ordinance?