Thursday, October 30, 2008

The End Of An Evil Towing Empire In Springfield, Mass. (Or Is It?) Photo

Springfield is terminating its contract with the Springfield "Towing Alliance" as of midnight tomorrow, according to an article in The Republican. An earlier article gives more background.

One of my own sources (and I do have some) recently spoke to police in that city and...

...reports police said they have "good documentation of fees and expenses" and there is "no way" the Towing Alliance is coming back. I don't know, though. The whole "alliance" struggle reminds me of Star Wars and there is ALWAYS a sequel, even if it's to be found on the Cartoon Network. The defeated side will lick its wounds, then create a big...towing death star thingie or...something.

However, in the meantime, a judge in Superior Court is ordering records preserved while reviewing the dispute. The "Towing Alliance" isn't going to make this pretty, and apparently hopes to sue its way into the good graces of city officials. I have to say it's kind of nice to see city officials--who are so often the ones who unleash predatory towing entities on citizens--experiencing the bare knuckle, aggressive, mean-spirited tactics which so often citizens are left to endure alone.

Yeah, Springfield City Government...check out the ugly face of predatory and abusive towing. Incredibly--and the article reported this without a hint of irony or humor--the Towing Alliance wants $3.2 million in compensation for vehicles stored AT THE CITY'S OWN TOWING YARD ON CHANDLER STREET.

Outrageous. I hope there is a counter-suit looming.

The city is trying to get a restraining order to allow access to computerized records. Yeah, well, this is what happens when all the parties in the system don't have access to the same data base, including the citizens whose cars are towed who are trying to locate their vehicles.

Again, another ugly, painful and expensive lesson for Springfield, Massachusetts. I just hope the Towing Alliance gets the worst of it, in the end. I have a feeling they will.

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