Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Following Threads Of Info, Blog-O-Sphere Gets The Dirt On "Lone Star Towing" photo

A blogger who is part of something called "Barking Dogs" has very little sympathy for people who get towed, but despite that huge flaw in his character, this guy dug up an amazing amount of dirt about Lone Star Towing, and how the company appears to be slapping on illegal surcharges and putting this money right in their pockets...

Click here for a link to the blog posting, "Dallas-area towing service ripping people off, $43 at a time." The "Barking Dogs" blogger in question continues to solicit documents about Lone Star, in particular the dubious surcharges. Lone Star Towing is the same company involved in the suspicious incidents at the Cotton Bowl, which I blogged about here and also here.


Avi S. Adelman said...

While I appreciate the link to my stories, I must correct your introduction...

We live in an area of Dallas that has enormous amount of bars and restaurants.

My neighborhood association has pushed those patrons out of our neighborhood's residential parking spaces by 'buying' the streets under a plan called Resident Parking Only.

But there are businesses in the area that have NO relationship to these bars. For example, a Taco Cabana is located at the southern end of the strip.

They enforce a patrons only policy so that bar patrons - thousands of them - do not take their parking spaces and walk off the parking lot.

If you have a problem with someone protecting their residential streets and private business property from interlopers, then don't visit our neighborhood.

Johnny T. Utopia said...

I don't see where any of my "facts" have been corrected at all, rather you're just adding your own spin. We may have to agree to disagree with who is getting victimized, here, but I hope we can both agree you've done wonderful work digging up all these facts about Lone Star, so thanks.