Monday, April 14, 2008

Technical Improvements On Towing Utopia

(Above, collage by Karl Noyes, "I Am Human," Spring 2007)

My former Minnesota Daily editor and sometimes webmaster, Karl Noyes, managed to fix some html problem with this blog so now readers will be able to click "read more" instead of dealing with long, "text heavy" postings.

Unfortunately, "read more" will appear at the bottom of EVERY post, whether there is more to read or not. Due to the technical nature of the fix, I can't go back and truncate the old posts to "read more." They will have to remain long.

Obviously, this is why I picked the image above. Little by little, in fits and starts and periodic setbacks, the human race progresses toward the stars. I believe it. And stopping random, oppressive, abusive, economically and socially disruptive non-consent towing is part of the march of civilization. So onward.

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