Sunday, April 6, 2008

San Francisco CRUSHED car, owner's stuff inside!

This horror story comes from San Francisco, and the trend-setting owner of the blog was nice enough to give a "shout out" to Towing Utopia, so I'll return the favor. This info thanks to the blog called "From Forbes Field to the bay and back..."
If you're driving in San Francisco, watch out where you park & check the time on your meter.

In the proposed San Francisco City Budget towing fees are going up :

Towing fee :

$ 188.75 to $ 238.75

Daily storage :

$ 36.75 to $ 50.00

I had a car towed awhile ago. I lost all the stuff in it because they sent it to the crusher after 30 days & it was the only car we had.

The last time I had to pay for a car to be towed to my mechanic, it cost $ 65.

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