Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Concerns About Cedar Towing Aired At Mosque Meeting

Flickr.com photo, Riverside Plaza

My friend and former project partner Ben Marcy is a rep on the West Bank Community Council. Guess what some of the residents were concerned about during their meeting at Dar ul Hijrah mosque...?

Hey, it's Towing Utopia and, besides, I gave it away in the title. Residents were airing their frustrations with a company called Cedar Towing. The West Bank probably has more renters than any other part of the city, since Riverside Plaza (pictured) has the highest housing density from here to Chicago. So I'm sure this company is making money hand-over-oily-fist.

Also, a lot of the Somalis are cab drivers, and you can see their cabs parked around their residences. So it's like I say in my "preamble."

Take my car, and you take my livelihood.

After Joy Petersen's article airs in tomorrow's Minnesota Daily, maybe I can convince my editors to examine how West Bank residents are suffering at the hands of Cedar Towing.

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