Sunday, April 20, 2008

Minneapolis Towing Horror Stories: In A Tree With Binoculars, Watching McDonalds In Dinkytown photo
If this sign were honest, it would add "Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Park Here."

It was the tale of PASA Vice President Matt Henry which started the landslide of horror stories, even though he didn't write it down but just relayed it to me verbally...

Matt was towed from the McDonalds in Dinkytown--which surprised me, because I've used it in the past as an example of a relatively tolerant lot. Then again, I'm always careful to walk in the door, even if I walk back out the other side.

And I ALWAYS make a point of buying something. I feel like, hey, if you're going to park, then BUY SOMETHING, even if it's something small. That's only fair and, besides, it gives you a receipt you can use to fight a tow.

Anyway, Matt got towed from there and the tow truck driver told him--and he was being serious--they had a guy up in a tree with binoculars so they could snag cars mere minutes after people walked away without IMMEDIATELY entering the McDonalds.

This is very unfair, for the following reason: that particular McDonalds will not take credit cards. They have an ATM right next to the counter, but it has a heft surcharge to make a cash withdrawal, so a lot of folks prefer the US Bank or TCF automated teller machines which are close by.

(A McDonalds that won't take credit cards! How lame is that? I suspect this is something cooked up with the company which owns the ATM)

Really, this is one of the reasons McDonalds is so often held up as an example of a corporation involved in evil. Students are treated like INSURGENTS instead of valued customers.

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