Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here's What You Can Expect In Jackson, Michigan

Man performs CPR, gets $60 towing bill

(This AP Wire service story is reproduced for purpose of "fair comment and criticism." Photo of the Jackson, Michigan "skyline" from

A Navy medic from North Carolina who helped an ambulance crew perform CPR on a man en route to a hospital ended up with a $60 towing bill.

Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class Tim Moore was driving on Interstate 94 near Jackson on April 2 when he pulled over to try to calm a woman near an ambulance. Rescuers asked Moore if he would help administer CPR to the woman's husband on the way to the hospital.

"I pulled over in a bit of a hurry," said Moore, who since has returned to Camp Lejeune. "Of course, when they asked me to do CPR, I just locked the truck and didn't really think about moving it."

The man died at the hospital.

When Moore returned to the side of the interstate two hours later, the truck was missing. The charge was levied by the towing company.

Moore said he was a little upset at the time. Now, he says: "It's only $60."


towman1976 said...

This truck was left straddling the white (fog) line. The sherriff of Jackson County has offered to refund the towing fee.

Johnny T. Utopia said...

Yeah, after it hits the media the sheriff offers to refund the fee, surprise surprise.

This good citizens should have never been put in this position in the first place, should have never had money out of his pocket, should have never been towed, should have never gone through this mess. No, this is still what you can expect in Jackson, Michigan, unless you've got a way to get your story in the media.

But I'll say this: I'm sure there's nothing unique about Jackson, Michigan. Really, these abusive practices happen all over the country, and that's why people need Towing Utopia Dot Com to start raising consciousness and fighting back.