Sunday, April 20, 2008

Minneapolis Towing Horror Story: Snow Emergency During Vikings Game Snares HUNDREDS

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(How can you enjoy a Vikings game when you can't trust Minneapolis not to tow your vehicle in a so-called "Snow Emergency?")

Humphrey grad student Ellie Graves gives an account of hundreds towed from downtown Minneapolis while in the stadium enjoying a Minnesota Vikings Game... follows.

I had my car towed Christmas Eve. There was only one sign on the street at the very beginning of the block that said "plow route" and I missed the sign.

At the impound lot, I heard stories of people who were in the stadium for a football game. Most people parked for the tailgating/eating out before the game around 3 pm.

The game went pretty late and while the game was being played, there was a snow emergency called. When people got out of the game, all of their cars were towed from downtown before they even realized there was a snow emergency.

[So right! How would they find out while watching a Vikings game? And how would they be able to observe the weather conditions while inside the stadium? The so-called "emergency" obviously didn't halt the game!]

This is only hearsay, but there were HUNDREDS of people at the impound lot, all with the same story, when I went to get my vehicle.

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