Sunday, May 25, 2008

Twin Cities: An Awful System That Leaves A Citizen Distressed, Smarting and Insulted

Photo by John Hoff

Roadguy at the Star Tribune has a great blog, and in January, 2008 he hosted a substantive discussion about "parking in a friend's space, an expensive cautionary tale....

Some of the things citizens had to say on Roadguy's blog were quite articulate and heartfelt, including the "system summary" which is the title of this blog.

The stories there really woke me up to another towing trend. It is apparently quite common for an apartment resident to tell a friend "you can park in my space" and then the friend gets towed. I'm sure more than one friendship has been ruined over this kind of thing.

It's another good argument for using the technology to "ping" auto owners so they will get word of an impending tow. Maybe, in this case, they could even talk to their apartment manager and say, "No, that's my friend. I WANT her to be in my space."

Of course, read the fine print. Some leases say you can't let anybody else use your parking space. What a messy noodle bowl of issues. Who knew?

The last comment was, of course, exactly what you'd expect: a tow truck driver jumping in to get the last word and insulting citizens who dared to complain.

He also says he can hooked a car and make off with it in 40 seconds. I say let's time you, big talker, my money against yours.

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