Saturday, May 17, 2008

Getting The Word Out Plus "Corporate Sponsorship" (Well, Sort Of)

Photo by John Hoff
(Would you really expect to see "fine wine" in this place?)

The other day I was driving through the Mid Town area of St. Paul, when somebody started honking and waving at me. I looked to the left and saw a young guy giving me a big smile and an energetic "thumbs up."

He yelled out something, and I realized...

It was my metallic stick-on letters which had him excited and delighted. (GOT A TOWING HORROR STORY? WWW.TOWINGUTOPIA.COM)

So I waved back and nodded, like I was representing the beginning of a powerful growing social movement, oh yes, and I knew it.

Towing Utopia Dot Com. Rock on.

This is the first picture posted here with my sweet new digital camera. This piece of extremely useful equipment was given to me a couple days ago by a small town businessman who wishes to remain anonymous, but he is supportive of my "clean up the neighborhood" effort in North Minneapolis. (And, besides, he purchased a much newer camera)

"Don't do anything perverted with it, though," he admonished. "It's a CHRISTIAN camera."

I managed to establish, however, "perverted" didn't include taking pictures of crack-addicted prostitutes for the purpose of driving them off the streets. Good to know.

I'm pretty sure the businessman in question knows about this blog, too, since he and his spouse went all through the other blog (about North Minneapolis) and there are some links to this one.

The generous gift of a digital camera will support both blogs. The camera is sweet with easy-to-figure-out functions. Already I'm snapping and downloading in a heartbeat. My word, I just took this picture a little while ago while picking up Children's Claritin for my kid at CVS Pharmacy across the street, and already I can load up the photo like a snap.

Will modern wonders never cease? So why can't non-consent towing systems be improved and modernized? Why can't citizens get notice of an impending tow before somebody (oh, gee, for the sake of a convenient example) confronts a tow truck driver with a Remington 870 shotgun in North Minneapolis?

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