Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Virginia Beach Tows Cars, Then It Goes After Bikes photo

Things have really gotten bad in Virginia Beach, according to this news article...

First the city was towing people while they were at work. Some citizens got squeezed so hard they decided to take up biking.

So then what did the city do? You guessed it, they started seizing people's bikes. Not only did the city cut bike locks and haul off bikes on flimsy pretenses (like a complaint securing a bike to a tree might "hurt" the tree) but the people who lost their bikes had no notice, so they usually assumed their bikes had just been STOLEN.

What will they do next? Break people's legs so they can't WALK?

Let us not forget Virginia Beach also has signs reminding people not to cuss. Sounds like this town really needs 'em.

I am disappointed to learn about this stuff. I used to live in Luray, Virginia, and then Harrisonburg. Virginia Beach was the first (and only) place where I laid eyes on the Atlantic ocean. One of these days I'd like to get back to visit all the places where I used to hang out in Virginia. But it sounds like it's best to stay away from (as we called it) "Va Beach."

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