Saturday, May 17, 2008

Another Argument For Electronic Towing Notification (Who Remembers Rental Car Info?)

I am always amazed and delighted by the way people transform their abusive non-consent towing horror stories into art, using photos and prose. Here is one from Boston which I found on

The story which goes with this image...written by "Vida Insana," goes like this.

"I missed my flight. My rental car got towed. The impound lot owner clearly wasn't impressed that I was clueless about the make/model of the car. I could only tell him that it was gold colored! (Who actually remembers rental car info?) The tow fee and a ticket. Ouch. Pouring rain and 30 degrees. Yeah, real fun."

So what I take from'd think the car rental companies would want to know when their vehicles get towed. You'd think there would be a relatively easy electronic notification process, and the rental company would be able to quickly contact the renter and let them know how to find the vehicle. Or, BETTER YET, there could be a way to let people know to hurry up and move their car BEFORE they get towed.

Nothing says "out of towner" like a rental car. And nothing says "I'll never come to your crummy city again" like a bad towing experience in an unfamiliar metropolis.

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