Saturday, March 22, 2008

Towing Utopia Dot Com

My former editor at the Minnesota Daily, Karl Noyes, talked me into buying the domain name "Towing Utopia dot com." He knows a lot about this kind of thing, and once made $1,700 by snapping up the domain name ""

Here are two artsy-fartsy pictures of Karl I found on the internet. My little tribute to Karl, who has also been giving me great technical tips. (Doesn't the bigger picture make him look like he is "becoming one" with some kind of ethereal internet wires or something?) One thing Karl does is to dumpster dive books to support a literacy project in the Philippines. Here is a link to that:

Like Karl suggested, this domain name will work better to publicize the blog, since it's much easier to remember. In fact, I went out and purchased some metallic stick-on letters, and advertised the blog on the back of my 1988 Celebrity, the Vernie Mobile. I'll take pictures at some point and post that.

In order to make the letters stand out, I used a Phillips screwdriver to remove the words "Celebrity" on the vehicle, and then hit it with some white spray paint I had in the vehicle for those times I want to spontaneously paint over graffiti while, for example, doing my laundry in Frog Town.

What can I say? It's that kind of vehicle. I did this right in the parking lot of Menard's after the frustrating light rail meeting, described elsewhere.

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