Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Face Of Predatory Towing Abuse Activism In Oregon--Sean Cruz

Image From The Blog Of Sean Cruz

I learned of Sean Cruz from an article in the Portland Mercury, which discussed how a towing company mistakenly and REPEATEDLY towed his legally parked vehicle. Most people would be forced to passively endure, or perhaps complain to a public official, but Sean Cruz...

...was the Chief of Staff for State Senator Avel Gordly, Democrat, Northeast Portland. So LEGISLATION came out of what might otherwise be nothing but a private and infuriating burden to bear.

Now, besides many of the other issues dear to him, such as the rights of Latino workers, Cruz blogs quite a bit about the predatory towing issues in which he is entangled, such as this recent post entitled "Urgent Portland Predatory Towing Alert! Sergeant's Towing running tow scam on public property!"

As I try to stitch together a blog to cover predatory towing issues on a NATIONAL scale, it is amazing to discover these highly developed pockets of resistance in places like Carrboro, North Carolina or a longtime crusader like Sean Cruz. Predatory towing is real, but so is spirited resistance to predatory towing practices.

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