Sunday, September 21, 2008

Predatory Tow Trucks Have Been Too Busy In Beaverton, Oregon Photo

Once again, the blog-o-sphere is coming through with detailed documentation of predatory towing, this time at a strip mall in Beaverton, Oregon...

According to a blog called "The Mercury," (click here) there is a tricky situation where the lot appears to be "common parking" for a bunch of neighboring businesses, but tow trucks are making distinctions about where vehicles park versus which particular businesses are it's a "tow at will" situation rather than based on individual complaints.

And speaking of complaints...I have a minor one about this otherwise informative blog entry. The blog doesn't name the business in question, opting instead to censor the business name like an expletive with a row of asterisks. (****)

I say NAME THE NAMES of businesses which engage in predatory towing, like I've done in previous blog entries, like this one.

But otherwise I'm pretty happy, because Retriever Towing in "Busy Beaverton" just put Oregon on the predatory towing map.

P.S. I know what you're thinking: Why does this beaver have red teeth? Well, I hope I've made it clear there is something PREDATORY happening, here, and this creepy beaver image from reflects as much.

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Kyle said...

I was just hit by Safeguard Towing. I was unable to find a spot in my apartment complex at Reflection at Summer Creek apartments, in Beaverton Oregon, and I left my car in a red zone for literally half an hour before it was towed. I left a note on each side explaining that I couldn't find parking and left my number, asking to call me if the car needed to move. The fee? $295 cash.