Monday, June 30, 2008

Kiss Your Hard-Earned Money Goodbye In Downtown Orlando, Florida photo

Just how bad is the towing situation in downtown Orlando? While using "Orlando" as a search term on, I turned up this photo of a guy "kissing his money goodbye" because he was towed.

Here's what the caption of the photo says and, keep in mind, I am only the messenger.
After all of the excitement was over we headed back to the apartment to call it a night. That's when we discovered that Adam's car had been towed because he accidentally parked in front of the mini police station in our building. Here we see him kissing his $80 goodbye before heading out to get his car back.

I'm told that kissing that money isn't the only thing he did to it before he handed it to the towing people.

What's amazing is the "photo story" of what happened right before the tow, which you can follow if you click on this link and go to the beginning of the photo sequence on

It turns out after attending something called the "Indie Film Jam," Adam and his friends were on the way home when they witnessed an assault, which involved a guy's head hitting a sidewalk of downtown Orlando, Florida "like a melon." They called the police, gave witness statements, then received an impromptu tour of the police station from grateful members of OPD.

When they came outside, it turned out Adam's vehicle had been towed. Say goodbye to 80 bucks for being good citizens.

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