Saturday, January 3, 2009

Asheville, North Carolina Shines A Light On Predatory Towing Photo

Ever since All-Safe Towing & Recovery employees were arrested in a sting operation, towing cars they shouldn't have been towing, media scrutiny of the company has been intense...

In fact, the company is under so much scrutiny that local media wrote a story about the fact the company had changed locations, moving closer to downtown Asheville from "151 W. Haywood St. near River Road" because their lease on the property had "ended."

Yeah, "ended." That could mean a lot of things.

Normally, a business changing locations wouldn't merit this kind of media attention, but the tone of the story, click here, makes it clear the media isn't buying, at face value, the owner's explanation this move was routine and "nothing to (do?) with what's been going on."

What's surprising to me is the owner's claim he's been hired to "patrol two more downtown lots."

I'd love to know what Asheville businesses would hire these chumps, and I hope the reporter for this story, Jason Sandford, keeps digging.

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Anonymous said...

I had to go to a hospital in Newark, NJ, but could not find a handicap parking space so I parked across the street from the hospital in a store parking lot. I have a legal handicap placard hanging in my windshield. When I went into the hospital I apologized for being late and explained to them my parking problem. They told me to go out and move my car immediately. As I was approaching the store lot I was parked in, I noticed that my car was up on the hook of a tow truck. I yelled stop and pleaded for the driver to let my car down. As I was yelling at the tow truck driver a doctor came out of the hospital and started taking pictures of the driver, my car and the situation, with that the tow truck driver started to hit the doctor, tried to grab his cell phone and he ripped the doctors shirt. I jumped in my car and called the police. The tow truck driver wanted me to get out of my vehicle, which I did only when the police came. The tow truck driver would not release my car until I paid $75.00. He did not tow it off or out of the store lot. The tow truck driver was arrested due to the fact that he assaulted the doctor. We went to court and the tow truck driver did not show up for court.