Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Towing Utopia Dot Com Says: Get Well Soon, Scott Madaus, Investigative Reporter

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Despite injuring himself in a bike accident and sporting a cast, Scott Madaus of the Fox 13 Problem Solvers in Memphis is still ripping a local towing scandal wide open.

According to a "teaser" which aired today, (and can be accessed over the internet) Madaus got a former security guard to come forward as a source. It appears kickbacks of $25 per car were helping to spur towing abuses at a Memphis apartment complex. See my two previous stories on this ugly situation, here and here.

But like I keep telling Scott in emails: it's not just a Memphis thing. Predatory, abusive towing is a national issue. I hope other television stations around the nation will be inspired to produce similar investigative reports on local abuses by the towing industry.

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